The history of Marjoniemi rectory goes back all the way to the beginning of the 19th century when Matti Juhonpoika Pirkkala gave his hereditary estate in 1816 to a chapel called Minkilä. Therefore a residence was needed for the preacher and the first rectory was built in 1817. In 1819 a road was built between the rectory and the church.

A fire in 1854 destroyed the main building, barn, and the stable and therefore new buildings were built. The chapel got its license in 1856 and an independent parish got its first parson in 1887. The current main building was finished in 1888 during parson Johan Fredrik Silvander. The master builder was Samuli Rantanen.

Marjoniemi rectory served as an official residence of the priests until 1963. In a visitation, the bishop advised the congregation to sell the rectory because of its difficult location and bad condition. The possible sale was discussed in the parish council in 1961 and it was decided that the rectory would be sold. The parson of that time, called Nuutinen, lived in the rectory until the new rectory was finished in 1963.

After this, the rectory has served for example as a camp center. After several changes of ownership, the current owner bought the rectory from the Uurainen parish. After large renovations, Marjoniementila Ltd has started operating in the rectory.

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