Besides horse-back riding, you can do several different activities at Marjoniemi ; for example canoeing and fishing. The rectory is surrounded by traditional country landscape and beautiful Finnish nature. Särkilampi conservation area and bird watching tower are also located nearby.


Canoeing trips

At Marjoniemi, it is possible to rent a kayak, a canoe or a hand made traditional wooden boat. We also organize trips based on your wishes. Contact us to find out more.

There are many activities which we can provide |

Berry and mushroom picking

There are plenty of great places for berry and mushroom picking in Marjoniemi and the nearby area. It is possible to go berry and mushroom picking with or without guidance.

There are many activities which we can provide |

Horse riding

Marjoniementila is the home for several Icelandic horses. It is possible to participate in a guided riding lessonbased on your own level. In addition, we hold gait trainings and horse riding days and camps for children. To find out latest information, head to our Facebook page.

There are many activities which we can provide |


Marjoniementila is located on the shores of lake Sääkspää. It is possible to rent fishing tackle and try different kinds of fishing. You can also rent a fishing kayak or a two-person kayak and go on a canoeing trip.Fishing can be done with or without a guide. Contact us and ask for an offer.

Please note that if you are 18 to 64 years old and intend to go fishing, you must pay the fisheries management fee. The fee is not required for ice fishing and hook and line fishing. The fee is personal and it can be purchased online.

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